Moo who?

MooSome of you have been following the story on Facebook about the cow that wandered in! She’s an open-range cow that showed up last Monday, and she hasn’t left (the area around the Sanctuary is open grazing for cattle). And hello, she’s as big as, well, a cow! Looks like she is about ready to have her calf. We don’t know if there’s one or two in there.
Lots of kicking going on that you can see from the outside! Sometimes on this side, sometimes on that side. She’s been lounging around near the manure pile, and in fact likes to sleep on it. We’re glad there’s finally a good use for that pile!
The other day Annie left to go into town for supplies, and the cow followed her to the gate, and was waiting at the gate when Annie returned! We think she must know that she’s got a safe place to have her calf before moving on again.
Since she’s here, we figure she should have a name, and fans have been awesome about proposing names. It’s down to 6 contenders now: “Jersey Girl”… “Oreo”… “Buttermilk”… “Maggie Moo”… “Shawanda”… and “Tumbleweed!” Voting continues through this evening (Monday) and you can vote here to help pick the winner.  Winner gets to name the baby!

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