Moving with a Cat

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If you have to relocate your cat to a new home or travel long distance, you might be wondering how to keep her comfortable and safe before, during, and after the journey.  Here are just a few tips:

  • Essentially, it’s best to have your cat be the last to move out and the first to move in. Keep your cat in one bedroom before the move, arranging it so that the furniture in that room is moved out last. Set up that room first upon arrival at the new home, and let her hang out in there once again. Once you’re fully moved in, let her explore the new house one room at a time.
  • Keep external doors and windows shut.
  • As nervous cats may hide behind appliances, make sure she is not left unsupervised in the kitchen or utility rooms.
  • For travel time, feed your cat normally but make sure the last meal was about three hours before the move.
  • Keep the car well ventilated. Also, don’t move your cat in the cargo space of a van or truck.

If you need more tips for helping an anxious cat through a move, please check out the link below!