National Adopt a Cat Month

June begins National Adopt-A-Cat-Month. June may mark this special month because Spring usually brings litters of kittens, but it’s another great incentive for people to go adopt a cat of any age. Here are some things to consider if you want to bring one home this month:

  1. Consider adopting a cat who has a personality similar to yours.
  2. Make sure all family members are on board with adopting a cat.
  3. Make sure your home is ready to go for your new cat with items such as a litter box, cat toys, food and a scratching post.
  4. If the cat is going to be a gift please make sure the receiver is well aware and on board.
  5. Make sure you can afford any foreseeable vet visits.

Here are some shelters near Kingman, AZ where you might be able to find a cat to adopt:

  1. Western Arizona Humane Society/Kingman, 950 Buchanan
  2. Help Animals Live Today, 6625 N Massachusetts Dr
  3. For The Laws of Paws II, 8115 Oatman Rd, Golden Valley