Pet Insurance

You might feel more secure about potential vet bills if you have some kind of pet insurance. If you’re trying to make a decision about whether or not to purchase pet insurance, consider the following:
Pet Insurance Pros

  • Affordable options for care should your pet become seriously ill
  • Many pet insurance plans cover emergency visits and care
  • Many plans offer discounts for covering more than one pet
  • Peace of mind for owners wanting their pets to get the best care without breaking the bank

Pet Insurance Cons

  • Some plans may not cover pre-existing conditions
  • Some plans require you to pay out a deductible
  • Breed-specific conditions (i.e., hip dysplasia in golden retrievers) may not be covered

Pet Savings Plans
If you cannot find a pet insurance plan that works best for you, make an account to set aside money regularly for your pet’s health. This way, you have a nest egg should your pet need extra care. Start saving when you first get your pet (much like setting aside money for your young child’s college tuition).
The Bottom Line
It’s recommended that in one form or another you take precaution to provide the best care for your pet. Your dog’s health and your comfort level should be considered seriously when making a decisions as to whether to purchase pet insurance.