Pet Photography

Pet Potrait
How many of you have ever tried to take a photo of your pet only to have them jump out of frame or turn away at the last second? All we can say is that we’re glad that most cameras are digital now so we don’t have to worry about the cost of film any more. Setting up that perfect shot of your pet is no easy task; pets always seem to have something better to do than satisfy our urge to include them in our scrapbooks and picture frames. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when rolling out the red carpet:

  • Get your shot set up, then have someone out of frame call to your pet. As they perk up their ears, there’s your chance to snap the shot. You might even try catching them when they’re asleep – cheap trick, but effective.
  • Night shots are probably a lost cause unless you have a lot of ambient light on in the room. If you have to use a flash, your buddy isn’t going like you very much afterwards – not until the treats come out, anyhow.
  • We’ve had some success by dangling something that will attract your pet’s attention just over or under the lens of the camera. Chew toys work well. When they come to investigate, you’ve got ‘em.
  • Try the macro setting/lens on your camera and take a few practice shots to get the hang of it first. You’ll get a nice close-up using this method suitable for a portrait.

And speaking of portraits, when you do get that perfect picture, consider having it and them immortalized in painted portrait form. Could make a nice memento or gift.

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