Pets on the Go!

Gizmo would rather not go to the vet!

Ever needed to take an animal to the vet? We bet you have. Ever tried to take an animal to the vet without some kind of pet carrier? We hope not, because whenever we’ve tried it, it’s been a rolling disaster. God forbid you have an animal larger than a cat or dog who needs to make the trip.

It’s not so bad, however, if you have the proper equipment. Transporting animals can be a hassle or it can be a cinch; it all depends on what you have to work with. Our extended family here depends on us for their health needs, some of which are rather extensive and frequent, so we’ve gathered quite a bit of experience over the years as regards pet carriers.
They come in a variety of sizes and materials for your convenience. For as little as $10, you can buy one of the disposable, cardboard variety. Some vets even give these away, so be on the lookout. Keep in mind that some of the more luxurious types, a spacious soft-sided (with wheels, even!) for instance, will run you upwards of $100. There really are a great many choices out there, so for the safety and well-being of your treasured pet who does a lot of travelling, you should be able to find a solution that satisfies both the animal and your budget.
Amazon and many other vendors offer tons of choices. You’ll even find styles to fit your fashion sense!

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