Relinquishing a Pet – Hard Decisions

Relinquishing a Pet
Many people searching for new homes for their pets find the Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary online and think that we are an animal shelter. On the surface, this might appear to be true, but technically we’re a sanctuary, not a shelter. Only the severest cases of animal hardship and/or abuse come to us, and when they do, they’re here for the rest of their lives. We do not offer animals for adoption and we are not open to the general public. Admission to LCRS is selective and subject to the review of our admissions board. Please see our admissions page for the whole story.
If you find that you must give up ownership of your pet and are seeking a new home for him/her, there are several options available to you. Above all, please make the effort to place your pet in a new home, and don’t simply abandon them to fend for themselves; this does no one any good.
Everyone probably knows one or two people who might be receptive to the idea of taking on a pet. Talk to your friends or even to the person from whom you initially got the animal and they may be willing to take them back. There’s always the local shelter, too. Try contacting the animal shelter/control facility in your area and talking to them about how they can help.
Sometimes changing circumstances don’t allow us to keep our beloved pets, but we can at least do our best to see that they’re well cared for.

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