Responsible Dog Ownership Month

Dog Ownership Month
As September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month, we thought we would share some tips that are easy to overlook while caring for your dog.
• Make sure your dog always has adequate amounts of water and quality food available to him. Bargain basement food is always available but likely do not provide the quality of food that will help your dog live a longer, healthier life. Also, just because he wants whatever you are eating does not mean that he should have it.
• Brush his teeth. He can’t do this for himself, so make sure you try to do this daily.
• Don’t forget his annual checkup. Just like you take yourself and your kids for their physical, don’t forget that Fido needs his, too.
• Microchip your dog. According to the ASPCA, only 26% of stray dogs are ever returned to their owner. Even if he is well-trained and mostly inside, a microchip can help locate him if he gets lost and is a small price to pay for peace of mind.
• Follow leash laws. Again, even if your dog is well-trained, he could scare your neighbors or get agitated unexpectedly. Respect those around you.
• Train your dog. Of course, they are cute and unconditionally loving. However, what might be cute when they are a puppy can turn into major behavioral problems as they get older. Do not put your dog into a situation where you may want to turn him into a shelter later.
• Grooming is vital for your dog. It will keep him free from fleas and other issues along with making him look and smell better.
The most important thing we can suggest is to love your dog. Consider taking him with you on a road trip when possible and don’t forget that he would probably love an outing to the park or the beach just as much as you and your kids. They are not with us that long; don’t forget to give them as much love as possible because no matter what, they will love you anyway.