Service Animals

Service Dog
Pets are a great addition to almost anyone’s life and can supply their owners with many benefits. Companionship, affection, a cause for laughter and a catalyst for joy. But some kinds of pets take it a step further with the service they offer their owners. Service animals can be some of the most loyal and useful pets anyone could hope to find, especially anyone with a disability.
Service animals can perform many duties for their disabled owners up to and including signaling a hearing impaired owner when loud noises are present, indicating a potentially dangerous situation. Perhaps the most common use of service animals is the reliable guide dog, who lead their sight impaired owners through the obstacles of day-to-day living.
When you see service animals doing their jobs, be sure to give them enough room to work and provide them with every consideration you can. They are the “workhorses” of their respective breeds and they provide a valuable benefit to those they serve. They ask for so little in return: maybe just a bit of appreciation,consideration, and a nice, chewable bone.

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