Spotlight on Cheyenne and LaKota

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’re probably an animal lover and you have or have had in the past a dog or cat as part of your house. Dogs and cats are just fine and make wonderful contributions to lives of all they touch, but they can sometimes steal the spotlight around here. Let’s talk for a moment about Cheyenne and LaKota, two horses under the care of LCRS who make just as much of an impact on the lives of those around them as our more traditional pets do.
Both LaKota and Cheyenne were part of a wild horse round-up managed by the BLM in Nevada in 1996. If LCRS hadn’t stepped in and adopted them, they would probably have been sold at auction or even euthanized. Sisters in spirit, if not by blood, Cheyenne and Kota (as she is called familiarly), have beaten the odds and even thrived due to the efforts of kind-hearted people with an abundance of caring.
They have both certainly endured their own trials, which have included spinal infections, birth complications, broken bones, and others. But they have come through it all, showing us the grace and nobility that only a good horse can muster. Sorry cats and dogs, but this pair deserves the spotlight this week for showing us all that with the right people behind you, you can beat all the odds.

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