Teaching Your Dog the Importance of Proper Leash Behavior

Yesterday, we touched on the necessity of pairing up your dog with the right collar/leash. A good harness or leash can make your job as a responsible pet walker easier. But so too can a well-trained dog. Understandably, however, teaching your dog how to properly behave on a leash is much more time intensive than … Read more

Leash Choice and Etiquette for Your Dog

If you own a willful and/or large breed dog, then you probably know how it feels to be pulled and dragged around by the leash – the leash that’s supposed to be controlling your dog, not vice versa. It can be a difficult proposition to control dogs like this while out on walks, but there … Read more

Dogs Along for the Ride?

With the warmer camping and hiking weather coming up, we’re seeing a lot of dogs riding around with their masters in the beds of pickup trucks. Depending on where you live, this may also be a common sight or practice for you. We should always be aware, however, that even if you have a trained … Read more