How to Choose a Vet Your Dog Will Love

The worst time to look for a vet is when you really need one. Most of the concerns fly out the window at that point, and you may end up with one that won’t provide the best care for your beloved pet. Long before you get to that point, you should take your time and … Read more

Is Fido Fit or Fat? Canine Obesity

We love our dogs. They are beloved members of our families who share many special moments in our lives. They unconditionally love and support us, and we wonder how we could ever get through the tough times without our faithful companions. For many of our furry friends, however, we also share the American habit of … Read more

Equine Dental Health

Regular oral examinations are just as important for your horse as for the dogs, cats and humans in your life. Equine teeth, unlike carnivorous or omnivorous animals, continuously erupt from the sinus cavities of the skull throughout the life of the horse. Because the upper jaw is wider than the lower jaw, the teeth can … Read more

When Porcupines Attack

Dogs are naturally curious animals and porcupines are easily offended by strangers nosing around in their business. This is not a good combination. Given that dogs don’t have thousands of prickly quills at their disposal to ward off attack, they usually come out on the losing side of a confrontation between the two. For those … Read more

Aggressive dog

IMPORTANT NOTE, PLEASE READ: We are very sorry but we cannot accept aggressive animals here at Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary! Our sanctuary only accepts special needs animals to live out their lives in a cage free environment! These animals come to us with handicaps, illnesses, etc.  and we have no way of handling an aggressive … Read more