Wolfdogs Part One

8041846314_ba79a616f2_m A wolfdog most often is the combination of a gray wolf and a Siberian husky, Alaskan malamute or German shepherd. The wolfdog will display behaviors of the wolf and the breed of dog that it is mixed with. The three categories of the wolfdog include low, mid and high content. The content is determined by the percentage of wolf the wolfdog possesses.

Today’s blog gives a basic list of what differentiates a wolf from a dog and the 26th of this month we will delve deeper into the characteristics of this animal.

  • A wolf gives birth to pups between late March and early May while dogs give birth year-round.
  • Pure wolves are born black or very dark grey while dogs are born in an assortment of colors.
  • A wolf usually has a longer snout than a dog.
  • A wolf has eyes that are more laterally placed when compared to a dog’s more forward facing eyes.

Today’s blog post only brushes the surface of the wolfdog. Check back in on Wednesday the 26th to learn about the behavior of the wolfdog, if they make good pets and “watchdogs”, health problems and other fun facts.