Tobacco and Your Pets

Every May 31st, the World Health Organization encourages everyone to take part in No Tobacco Day. Seeing as how we’re primarily concerned with pets around here, we like to mention the effects that second hand smoke can have on our little friends. For many years, there have been studies dedicated to the effects of second […] Read more »

When the Thunder Comes Crashing Down

Pets and thunder storms are not usually a good mix. Dogs seems to be especially susceptible to them and start climbing the walls or hide under a bed whenever the boomers start. Why dogs are more prone to this irrational behavior is a mystery – maybe they’re just a more superstitious lot than cats or […] Read more »

Cat Up a Tree?

It’s not just a proverb or a euphemism – sometimes it actually happens. If you’ve ever had to coax a scarred cat out of a tree, you know how frustrating the experience can be. But just think, as frustrating as it is for you, your cat is probably ten times as distressed, so here’s some […] Read more »

To Scratch or Not to Scratch

We all know that cats are inclined to scratch. Sofas, carpets, curtains – it doesn’t really matter to the cat. But it matters to us. At times the destruction to our personal property and furnishings can make us think of how nice it would be to have a cat without claws. In fact, some cat […] Read more »

Memorial Day

The last Monday in May is Memorial Day in the States. This is a day for remembering and honoring those who have given their lives in the line of duty for the United States military. This day of remembrance started after the American Civil War as a way to honor the many soldiers who fell […] Read more »

Fun Gift Giving Ideas for Pets and Pet Lovers

Sometime you just gotta splurge and let go. It doesn’t need to be Christmas time or someone’s birthday to give a gift, so if you’ve got a pet or a friend who loves pets, spice up their day with a gift that’s a little out of the ordinary – it’ll make them smile. Cats love […] Read more »

Be Kind to Strays

Many of us probably had parents that would say things like, “Be kind to strangers, for someday you’ll surely be one of them to someone else.” Not bad advice, really, and it applies to the animal world as well. We should be kind to stray animals for they were or are or could be someone’s […] Read more »

Dog Houses for the Practical and Decadent

If you live in an apartment setting or your dog has access to your home or garage through a pet door, you may not even have need for a dog house. But for others, it’s part and parcel to owning a dog. You may be able to build one yourself if you have the skills, […] Read more »

Communicating with Your Dog

Dogs have only a few ways of telling us what they want, need, or fear. They can bark, growl, whine, or yelp, and that’s about it. Great orators they are not, so it’s up to us to read their behavior and know what they’re talking about. When a dog growls, they’re usually letting us know […] Read more »

Sporting Season for Dogs

Did you know that dogs could be sports champions, too? Michael Jordan and Joe Montana are probably better known to most people, but to some pet lovers, Fido has also been allotted his fifteen minutes in the spotlight as well. There are many sports and competitions arranged for dogs these days, and whether you like […] Read more »