Therapy Dogs

During this holiday season, we just wanted to touch on the topic of therapy dogs. Do you feel that your dog brings joy to everyone she meets? Do you already do some volunteer work in hospitals or with our awesome armed forces? Petting dogs is proven to reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and produce good […] Read more »

Dog Park Pros & Cons

  As a loving pet owner, we know that you make great efforts to exercise your four-legged friend.  Maybe you two go running, hiking, wading in the water or just out for regular walks.  All of these things are welcome activities to Rover.   Depending on where you live, you might even have access to […] Read more »

Pet Holiday Wishlist

What’s on your pet’s holiday wish list? Is it a pet-safe treat? Is it a hard to solve treat-producing puzzle? Whatever it is, make sure that you are taking into account Fido’s safety. The following things are good tips to follow when considering that new toy: • Is the toy appropriate to your pet’s size? […] Read more »