Being Thankful for your Pet this Thanksgiving!

Among the many things you might be thankful for this Thanksgiving, consider your pet! Here are a few reasons why you might want to give thanks for your dog or cat: They’re funny. Dogs and cats can always find ways to make us laugh, even in our worst of moods. They keep us active. A dog is […] Read more »

Thanksgiving Treats and Your Dog

Those puppy dog eyes are always hard to resist, but on a holiday in which we celebrate how thankful we are? How much harder is it to resist your four-legged best friend? Well, the good news is, a little turkey to share is fine. Boneless, skinless and 100% cooked is perfectly fine to chop up […] Read more »

Canine Raw Food Diets

Raw food diets are defined as feeding domestic dogs primarily raw meet, edible bones, and organs. A typical raw food diet would consist of muscle meat still on the bone, organ meats, vegetables like spinach and broccoli, raw eggs, apples, and some dairy. Racing greyhounds and sled dogs have long been fed raw food diets. […] Read more »

Canine Diabetes

We have all heard of diabetes for humans, but did you know that your dog can get it, too? Diabetes is a disease caused by the lack of insulin or lack of response to it. Some forms of diabetes are inherited, but you can help prevent it by exercising your dog regularly and preventing obesity […] Read more »

PACT for Animals

What happens to pets when their owners go off to serve in the military or required a prolonged hospital stay? In the absence of willing and able family members or friends to take care of your furry friends, foster programs such as PACT for Animals is a great foster program that might be able to […] Read more »

Canine Body Language

Though it’s nearly impossible to read your dog’s body language with 100% accuracy, there are many reasons why you might want to get a better understanding of what your dog is communicating with her stance, posture, or gestures. For example, knowing and reacting to your dog’s body language can help with reaching training goals, anticipating […] Read more »

ASPCA’s Senior Pet Adoption Month

When most families talk about getting dogs, they tend to talk about the puppy they will bring home. This is a beautiful thing, but there are so many advantages to adopting an older pet that might otherwise be overlooked: 1) You get to skip the hard stuff. An older pet usually understands at least the […] Read more »

The Adolescent Dog

Like a teenage human, the adolescent dog has a body that’s approaching fully-grown but an immature brain. The age at which your dog will reach this stage depends upon the bloodline, breed, and the individual dog. During this stage of life, your dog will need some guidance and support. Your dog may experience the following: […] Read more »

Animal-themed Family Films

Looking for a great movie to watching with your animal-loving family? Check out the following films, all of which have pet-centric plotlines! Homeward Bound – Three pets try to find their way home. The Fox and the Hound – This cartoon depicts and unexpected friendship. Turner and Hooch – A dog must help a detective solve […] Read more »