Cleaning Up After Your Pet

Picking up after your pet
Feuds between neighbors can start over the most unremarkable events. A little loud music, a bit of mauve paint on the trim of a house, or a dog (or other pet) who does his business outside of his own yard. This last one can be a particular sticking point with prickly neighbors. Getting yourself in the habit of picking up after your pet is a good way to maintain the peace. So is a nice fruit basket. If hostilities have already been declared, you might try one 🙂
If you live in an apartment environment, being a conscientious pet owner is even more important. In some places, you can even be fined for not picking up what your pet leaves behind, so we may as well get used to the fact that our pets have a certain amount of ownership over us. It’s not as bad as it seems, however. Almost every pet owner has to do it at some point, and so the amount and variety of tools we have to help us are numerous indeed.
Scoopers, baggies, and latex gloves are all useful tools, one might even say mandatory, but don’t forget a good leash; your dog can’t poop where you don’t let him go. They make scoops both long-handled and short, so if you have difficulty bending down, try the long variety and save your back and knees. You can buy baggies made specifically for the purpose of holding your pet’s leavings, but a leftover plastic bag from your supermarket will usually work just as well.
It’s all about getting in the habit. With a little practice behind you, picking up after your pet will become as natural as… well, you know.

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