Dog Training: Is It for You?

Dog Training
We’ve all had it happen. You go over to a friend’s house for dinner carrying a loaf of fruitcake and a bottle of cheap, twelve-dollar wine. You’re greeted at the door by your friend, his/her spouse, their smiling, well behaved kids… and a 90-pound Golden Retriever crashing into you like a cannon ball. Wine and fruitcake all over the porch.
He means well, of course. He saw someone he knew and came over to say hello. It just so happens that some dogs like to say hello by ramming their head into your crotch. This kind of behavior might be tolerable, or even funny once or twice, but is it really suitable for all occasions? If you think not, you might consider telling your friend about the possible benefits of dog training. It’s not just for puppies, although it can probably help them the most. Even if you have a mature dog, here are just a few of the problems dog training can help to cure:

  • Crotch sniffing and other overenthusiastic “greetings”
  • Unwanted, incessant barking
  • Chewing up your hard-won possessions on a whim
  • Fighting with the neighbor dogs
  • Wandering into territory where he’s not wanted

The key to good, effective dog training is consistency. Talk to a trainer about a regimen and stay vigilant – almost any dog can get something out of some extra discipline, and you’ll be strengthening the bond you share with your pet at the same time.
With a little training, maybe that dog can be as well behaved as your friend’s smiling kids.

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