Dietary Supplements for Your Pets

Pet supplements
Did you know that there are just about as many vitamin supplements made for pets as there are for people? You might think that GNC (General Nutrition Centers) make only health drinks and herbal remedies, but they also have an extensive line of pet supplements. Providing your pets with a good quality pet food is probably enough to foster healthy living in most, but the very young or the aging, sometimes supplementing their diet with vitamins can make the difference between a merely contented pet and a happy, exuberant one.
Beyond the normal health benefits, here are just a few of the uses for pet supplements:

  • Control excessive shedding
  • Relax your pet when they need to travel or see the vet
  • Pain relievers for older dogs or used when recovering from a surgery
  • Promote a healthy coat
  • Is your pet too fat? A weight loss supplement could help

These are just a few of the positive benefits your pets can enjoy from a supplemented diet. If you think that your pet could use a change in their diet or if they have special needs, you should investigate further, and of course, discuss with your veterinarian.

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