Spring Is Finally Here!

Spring Time is Here
It’s time for more than cleaning, although you might want to give that closet a once-over just to make room for that new pair of water skis. Then all you’ll need is the boat to pull ‘em, but one thing at a time! Well, we can dream can’t we?
But seriously, Spring and the traditional cleaning that comes along for the ride is a great opportunity to take stock of all you have and need, and then donate what you don’t. If you can look in that closet and see a layer of dust on those shirts you never wear, or if you find something that doesn’t fit anymore, or if you just feel like simplifying your life and helping someone else in the process, consider a donation to the goodwill store in your area.
And then get outside and clean out the dog’s house for cryin’ out loud! He/She deserves some love, too! 🙂

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