Keeping a Clean House and a Happy Pet

One Happy Pet
So, which is easier to potty train, Fido or little Johnny? Probably Fido, since all he has to learn is that the house is off limits, while little Johnny’s goal is to be much more precise. At least, that’s the theory. But even though the pets have things so much easier, it’s still amazing how often we discover their “accidents.” What can you do, though, other than grin and bear it?
Well, here are some tips to keep in mind after Fido or Felix has an accident:

  • Try to clean the mess up as quickly as you can. Don’t give it a chance to set in, or you might have to take stronger (and more expensive) measures.
  • There are products out there that are made specifically for cleaning up pet messes, but before you go breaking the bank, try one of the easiest homemade solutions: vinegar and baking soda – it could save you some bucks.
  • Avoid using ammonia. Some say that animals will think it smells like urine and just try to “re-mark” the same spot again.
  • Try to blot with paper towels instead of wiping or scrubbing. Rubbing will probably just make things worse.
  • When all else fails, go with the carpet steamer. They even make varieties with this specific purpose in mind. See if you can rent one.

When it’s time to bring out the big guns, usually a carpet steamer is the way to go, complete with some sort of deep cleaning solution. Many people swear by the old methods: use a cap full of white, distilled vinegar in your cleaning solution to improve results.

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