Spotlight on Travis

Travis, or Scout Master as we like to call him, came to us in 2003. He’s probably a Dingo-Pit Bill mix, and he’s still quite active around the property. In fact, he’s taken it upon himself to act as the de facto chaperone and guide on the ranch. Milo and Hendrix look to Travis for support in their own travels because he has such a good heart and so much energy to spare.
Our Scout Master is a special member of the gang here at LCRS because of the hardships he has suffered, all while staying an affectionate dog at his core. Travis had been very severely abused before his arrival here, and he still shows some of the aftereffects in the form of the nightmares that haunt him.
Severely abused dogs like Travis are a special challenge, but also a very special addition to the LCRS family when we can show them that trust and love and caring can still be a part of their lives. Teaching abused animals that they can still be a part of a caring group is touch and go, however. If you’ve ever considered taking on the responsibility of re-integrating an abused animal into a loving home, you should do all you can to adequately prepare for the challenge.
If you live up to the challenge, you could have a friend like no other; one like our own Scout Master!