Mills Are for Wood, Not Puppies

Puppy mills
This is a topic that is often disturbing to anyone who cares for animals, but it needs to be discussed so we can spread the word against “puppy mills.” If you’ve never heard of this term before, then prepare to be surprised and/or disgusted. Puppies are in such demand that they are being bred in cramped, inhumane living conditions with little regard to their health or quality of life.
There really are no laws in place to stop the kind of cruel treatment that many puppy mills employ on a daily basis, so it’s up to us as conscientious pet lovers to do the right thing. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a good place to start when learning about the feeble, often unenforced laws that are already on the books in regards to protecting animals in breeding facilities. See also the American Humane Society for more about what we can do to help our animal friends.
When you’re considering adding a new canine friend to your household, please be wary of puppy mills. Many dogs sold over the Internet are bred in puppy mills, so if you’re considering this option, then please be careful and do your research before you buy. Also, you might want to think about adopting a pet from a shelter. You’ll be helping a needy pet and you’ll be sure that you’re not contributing to the proliferation of puppy mills. There are many legitimate breeders who’d love to help you find the right dog for you, too.
Be aware of your options when looking for a new puppy to bring home, and please don’t support the cruelty to animals that these puppy mills practice.