Dogs Without Teeth

Dogs’ teeth can fall out due to disease, bad hygiene, injury or just old age. Many owners are afraid to have their dogs’ teeth extracted, but the truth is that a mouth without teeth is better than a mouth filled with diseased teeth. If he is at a point where he needs his teeth removed, … Read more

Alternate Treats for Our Pets

Whether you want your pet to live an all-around healthier lifestyle or if you think your buddy needs to drop a few pounds, finding an alternate way of treating your pet is a worthy goal. There’s nothing wrong with the pet treats you find on the shelves of your local pet store or supermarket, but … Read more

Cookout Season Safety Concerns

We’ve seen and smelled the grills outside already this season. People are anxious to shake off the winter blues and get started with the Summer activities in record time this year it seems. With the traditional cookout and party comes some safety concerns for those of us with pets, however, so here are a few … Read more

Treats for Cats

Everyone knows that cats are die-hard tuna aficionados, right? And they’d just love to wash it down with a deep saucer full of nice, creamy milk. Many cat owners treat their pets to just such a feast without even thinking twice about it. But it can be easy to go overboard with the tuna, and … Read more