Outdoor Dining With Your Dog

The idea of bringing your four-legged best friend to your favorite restaurant sounds like fun, doesn’t it? But wait… does your favorite restaurant allow dogs? Make sure you know where your dog is allowed to go eat with you prior to going. Sites like dogfriendly.com make this task easier, however, and many establishments with outdoor … Read more

Dog Food: Wet or Dry?

In the debate between dry and wet food for your dog, your dog will be the biggest advocate of wet food. It’s tastier and has more of a “meaty” flavor that your dog is very likely to love. However, as this is not the only factor, we’ll talk a little bit about the other points … Read more

Dog Eating Habits

Have you ever watched your dog eating and wondered why he does what he does? Does he paw at his bowls and look at you expectantly? Does he take his bowl and drag it somewhere else? Does he take mouthfuls of food and eat it elsewhere? Does he snack all day? Has he stopped eating … Read more

Dog Approved People Food

As responsible dog owners, we know that a balanced diet is essential to their good health. That said, if your dog is not one with allergies or chronic problems, there are a few people foods that you can occasionally share without harm: • Peanut butter – the raw and unsalted varieties actually contain lots of … Read more

Thanksgiving Food and Your Pet

What a wonderful time of year it is. For many of us, it’s a time to be thankful for our friends, family and general well-being. You just might go to wonderful parties and bring home all kinds of food that you usually do not keep around. With that in mind, please keep your pet’s safety … Read more