Too Many Treats

In the same way that a parent can be tempted to let her child eat all the ice cream he wants, it can be difficult to ignore a treat-focused four-legged friend with puppy dog eyes. Just as too much sugar in a human can cause mental and physical problems, they can do the same for … Read more

Dietary Supplements for Your Pets

Did you know that there are just about as many vitamin supplements made for pets as there are for people? You might think that GNC (General Nutrition Centers) make only health drinks and herbal remedies, but they also have an extensive line of pet supplements. Providing your pets with a good quality pet food is … Read more

Keeping Your Pets Healthy

Many pet owners’ only indication of when to take their pets to the veterinarian is when they see them limping or refusing to eat. Maybe the common conception is that animals are hardier than people, or that pets can somehow magically cure themselves from ailments such as ear infections by eating enough grass. The reality, … Read more

A fun kitty game!

Cats like to hunt and they like to explore hidden things.  Spend five to ten minutes a day playing with your cat to keep him or her healthy and mentally sharp. Make a fun game for your kitty by putting paper cups in various spots, and hiding a treat inside a few of them. What … Read more