Dogs and Car Windows

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The wind in her hair, the smell of freshly cut grass, the noise of the city… who wouldn’t want to stick their head out the window to see what’s going on? It’s the same for your pup, who might find it the most exciting thing to hang halfway out of your car to see what’s […] Read more »

Living With Dog Blindness


As your dog ages (and sometimes for other causes), he may lose his eyesight. You may observe him being clumsy around the house and fearful of things he used to be used to. Petting him may make him fearful because he can’t see as clearly. A preemptive way to help with this is to make […] Read more »

The Designer Dog Myth

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Have you heard of the Havachon, the Maltipoo, the Pomsky or the Bugg? Those are all “designer” dogs that have been bred in an attempt to achieve a specific set of characteristics (either physically or internally). You may have heard of the “hypoallergenic” dog – the Maltipoo being an example. However, just because you mix […] Read more »

Gluten Free Dog Diet

Gluten has become a hot topic over the year for humans and animals, and there may have been a time where you started to wonder, “What’s all the fuss about?” Unfortunately, because our dogs can’t speak to us as directly as we speak to each other, sometimes diseases are ruled out by process of elimination. […] Read more »

Crate Training for Dogs

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Crate training your dog has many mixed opinions, but we’d just like to mention the basics as a guideline for some best practices. Dogs are den animals, and if you have ever brought a newly adopted dog home, you may notice that they are overwhelmed by the size of your space and will likely find […] Read more »

Skin Problems in Dogs

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Much like yours, your dog’s skin serves as an indicator of his overall health. Skin problems in dogs have a variety of causes and a variety of symptoms that, in some cases, may be easy to overlook. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor your dog’s skin and behavior carefully to spot and care for these […] Read more »

Too Many Treats

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In the same way that a parent can be tempted to let her child eat all the ice cream he wants, it can be difficult to ignore a treat-focused four-legged friend with puppy dog eyes. Just as too much sugar in a human can cause mental and physical problems, they can do the same for […] Read more »

Therapy Dogs

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During this holiday season, we just wanted to touch on the topic of therapy dogs. Do you feel that your dog brings joy to everyone she meets? Do you already do some volunteer work in hospitals or with our awesome armed forces? Petting dogs is proven to reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and produce good […] Read more »