Foot Care

Your dog’s feet were made for taking punishment. Running, jumping, swimming, sliding, digging – it all takes its toll on your dog’s feet and pads. Most of the time they’re up to the task. After all, dogs probably know when to call it quits to avoid getting hurt. The problem arises when we, as pet […] Read more »

Pets Chewing on the Strangest Things

We’ve talked before about pets eating non-food items and how it can be detrimental to their health (i.e., pica), but what about when your dog or cat likes to eat grass? It’s been observed for as long as people have kept pets: they just like to eat grass on occasion. But does it mean that […] Read more »

Spotlight on Emma!

She’s still feisty after all her years with us. She’s either learned to adapt and overcome the harshness of her earlier life, or maybe cats just have short memories. Either way, you’d never know that she was essentially thrown out with the garbage. Yes, we found Emma at the bottom of a dumpster and rescued […] Read more »

When Dogs Fight

A dog fight. It’s never a pretty sight and it can oftentimes be quite upsetting both to the dogs involved and to their owners. If you have a dog, however, chances are that at some point in your canine companion’s life, he or she will get into a scuffle. That’s the bad news. The good […] Read more »

Is Fido Fit or Fat? Canine Obesity

We love our dogs. They are beloved members of our families who share many special moments in our lives. They unconditionally love and support us, and we wonder how we could ever get through the tough times without our faithful companions. For many of our furry friends, however, we also share the American habit of […] Read more »

Which Breed Suits You Best?

So, you’ve made the decision to be a pet owner, but you’re still on the fence about exactly what breed of cat or dog you’re willing to take on? Studies have shown that happy pets and owners often exhibit the same personality traits, giving them more in common. So if you want to get a […] Read more »

Canine Diabetes

It can be one of the worst days of your life to learn that your dog has been diagnosed with diabetes. There are even those dog owners among us who might feel that diabetes would mean the end of their treasured pet. But nothing could be further from the truth. Diabetes is quite manageable in […] Read more »

Grooming the Pooch

Some dogs are good at taking care of themselves, but others require a lot of attention. However, there’s probably no such thing as a dog that needs absolutely no grooming. Every pooch needs a bath at least once in a while. Outdoor dogs might be pretty self sufficient, but they’re also good at getting themselves […] Read more »

People with Pet Allergies

It’s a shame, but sometimes pets and people don’t make a good mix. Allergies can get in the way of an otherwise healthy and fun relationship between pet owner and pet. There are several varieties of allergy that affect people when pets are involved, but the most common is pet dander. Dander is simply dry […] Read more »

Pets Around Water

With all the Summer heat we’re contending with now, it certainly is tempting to pack up and head for the lake or the pool. If you’re bringing the family dog with you, they’ll no doubt appreciate it too, but keep a few tips in mind about safety while your dog enjoys the water. Most dogs […] Read more »