Canine Tail Wagging

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Your new friend Joe has invited you over and you meet his tail-wagging Irish setter. What a good dog! As you lean down to greet him he tries to bite you. Oops. What happened? Dog tails have originally been used to keep their balance as they turn or swim or run. However, they can also […] Read more »

Dogs and Car Windows

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The wind in her hair, the smell of freshly cut grass, the noise of the city… who wouldn’t want to stick their head out the window to see what’s going on? It’s the same for your pup, who might find it the most exciting thing to hang halfway out of your car to see what’s […] Read more »

Living With Dog Blindness


As your dog ages (and sometimes for other causes), he may lose his eyesight. You may observe him being clumsy around the house and fearful of things he used to be used to. Petting him may make him fearful because he can’t see as clearly. A preemptive way to help with this is to make […] Read more »

Types of Dog Beds

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When you first adopt your dog, things seem easy enough. It sounds simple enough to get food, get a leash, some toys, some flea medication and a bed. Once you get to that canine bedding section, however, you might be in for a little surprise. There are big ones, small ones, padded ones, cooling ones, […] Read more »

Gluten Free Dog Diet

Gluten has become a hot topic over the year for humans and animals, and there may have been a time where you started to wonder, “What’s all the fuss about?” Unfortunately, because our dogs can’t speak to us as directly as we speak to each other, sometimes diseases are ruled out by process of elimination. […] Read more »

Crate Training for Dogs

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Crate training your dog has many mixed opinions, but we’d just like to mention the basics as a guideline for some best practices. Dogs are den animals, and if you have ever brought a newly adopted dog home, you may notice that they are overwhelmed by the size of your space and will likely find […] Read more »

Nail Care for your Dog

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Happy Valentine’s Day! And in honor of your pets, we just wanted to discuss a little bit about nail care for your pet. The very thought of trimming your pet’s nails can put some anxiety into the owner, but something important to remember is that Fido responds to you. Therefore, if you’re anxious, he is […] Read more »

Dog Approved People Food

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As responsible dog owners, we know that a balanced diet is essential to their good health. That said, if your dog is not one with allergies or chronic problems, there are a few people foods that you can occasionally share without harm: • Peanut butter – the raw and unsalted varieties actually contain lots of […] Read more »