Ear Care for Dogs

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There are plenty of different types of dog ears. Blunt tipped ears, and front facing, drooped down, folded ears, filbert ears, cocked ears, button ears, and as dogs breed with different breeds, the distinction between the types of ears that come on different dogs is becoming slightly blurry. The thing that is still very clear, […] Read more »

Dogs Without Teeth

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Dogs’ teeth can fall out due to disease, bad hygiene, injury or just old age. Many owners are afraid to have their dogs’ teeth extracted, but the truth is that a mouth without teeth is better than a mouth filled with diseased teeth. If he is at a point where he needs his teeth removed, […] Read more »

So You Want a, “Lap Dog?”

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So you’re at the shelter and your child falls in love with the big eyed gray dog with the sweet temperament that crawls right into her lap and falls asleep. “Mommy, I want this one!” and you want no more than to say yes… and then you realize that 3lb puppy dog is a great […] Read more »

Why Dogs Howl

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When one thinks of howling, references are often made to wolves. Wolves howl to tell their pack where they are, and when another pack that isn’t their own howls back, it tells them to stay away from that particular area. And vice versa. Their domesticated partners that are living in your home, however, are probably […] Read more »

Socializing Your Adult Dog

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As an adult dog, your dog falls out of the several month window that dogs have as puppies where they learn behaviors that are imprinted on them and that they tend to take into their adult life. Does that mean they can never be socialized with other dogs or people? Absolutely not. It is important […] Read more »

Deaf Dog Awareness Week

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You finally found the perfect dog to adopt? Is she everything you want? Is she friendly, active, playful and is giving you that puppy dog look as you walk away from her kennel? Maybe you’re ready to take her home, so you read the sheet attached to her cage… and you realize she’s deaf. In […] Read more »

Responsible Dog Ownership Month


As September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month, we thought we would share some tips that are easy to overlook while caring for your dog. • Make sure your dog always has adequate amounts of water and quality food available to him. Bargain basement food is always available but likely do not provide the quality of […] Read more »

Labor Day Dog Safety Tips

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As with all holidays, it’s important to ensure the safety of your four-legged best friend. It might be the first day of September, but in most parts of the country it is still quite hot, and as you apply sunscreen on yourself today, you might want to also apply pet-friendly sunscreen and bug repellent to […] Read more »

Air Travel With Your Dog

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We do not recommend traveling with your dogs on an airplane unless you have him as part of your carry-on luggage which isn’t possible with bigger breeds. Even then, the Humane Society recommends not traveling with your pets on planes at all. Having them travel as cargo is never recommended. If traveling with your pet […] Read more »

Dogs and Destructive Chewing

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First of all, if your dog is exhibiting fear or anxiety driven chewing, you may want to consult a vet or behavioral specialist to help you out. Dogs may chew for a variety of reason. It may be anxiety or fear as noted above, but many dogs chew simply because they are bored, understimulated or […] Read more »