Keeping Your Pets Hydrated

During the dog days of Summer, it’s important to keep all of our pets well hydrated, and not just the dogs! Making a source of fresh water available to them is a necessity, but it can sometimes be difficult to keep this water fresh and to convince our pets that they need to drink often […] Read more »

Dressing Up the Pets?

Hoodies, dresses, and turtlenecks. These are common, everyday articles of clothing that no one should be surprised to see. Unless, of course they happen to be worn by a cat or dog. On a day other than Halloween. Dressing up the pets can be a controversial topic, but as pets become more and more like […] Read more »

June is Adopt a Cat Month

According to our friends at the American Humane Association, June is national Adopt-a-Cat Month. Every Spring and Summer, the kitten population at animal shelters across the world explodes, the result of un-spayed/neutered cats feeling frisky. It’s at this time of year, more than any other, that your kindness in providing a loving home for a […] Read more »

Keep the Flying Insects at Bay

It’s nice to be able to enjoy the great outdoors with your pets. If only the insects weren’t enjoying them at the same time! There are many ways to avoid and neutralize the summertime insect threat for people, but not so many for our pets. The best advice is probably to stay clear of the […] Read more »

Naming Your New Friend

Alexander Xavier Washington III. Has a pretty distinctive ring, doesn’t it? While we don’t know any pets with this name, it’s certainly a possibility. It’s all about the personalities of pet and owner coming together to create a moniker that will last a lifetime. Some people don’t like the idea of their pets having “human” […] Read more »

Summer is Here!

And pets love it just as much as we do. We’re sure that walks in the park, runs around in the great, wide, open, and general good spirits all around are what many cooped up dogs and cats look forward to. And who can blame them? Be sure to take advantage of all the great, […] Read more »

What to Do in the Face of Animal Cruelty

We wrote about Milo yesterday and about how he recovered from such terrible abuse that he lost a leg as a result. His case is extreme, but sadly it’s certainly not the only one of its kind. Animal abuse is a heartbreaking problem across the globe – heinous acts of barbarism committed against innocent and […] Read more »

Spotlight on Milo

We like to put the spotlight on one of our gang occasionally, and today it’s time for Milo to take the stage. Milo came to us in pretty bad shape. All of our animals are special needs, but Milo was on the edge of life or death. It was only though a kind-hearted donor that […] Read more »

Potty Training the Pup

Diligence. And patience, you need that, too. A good sense of humor wouldn’t hurt, either. There’s a lot of responsibility wrapped up in pet ownership, and one of those responsibilities is taking the time to potty train your new puppy. Older dogs who have missed the boat to the potty training conference can be rehabilitated […] Read more »

Long Term Pet Care

Taking care of our babies (i.e., pets) is a rewarding job for many pet owners. Just ask us – we wouldn’t be in this if we didn’t know what an important impact we can have in the lives of disadvantaged animals, and it is incredibly rewarding to see them flourish after enduring such hardship. But […] Read more »