Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

With the long holiday weekend approaching and summer coming to an end, many people will be traveling with their pet. Here is a nice infographic to help make your pet more comfortable during your travels together. Do you take your pets with you on vacation? How has it worked for you? Do you have any […] Read more »

Many Ways to Help

Ever wondered what it would take to give your local animal shelter a hand? Or thought about what skills you might need to lend a hand to your town’s veterinary center? The answers are probably not as complicated as you might think. Organizations that take care of animals are usually willing to take all the […] Read more »

Pet Ownership: The Pros and Cons

Now we all know that there really are no cons to pet ownership – it’s all just a grand adventure! But has anyone truly sat down and figured out what owning a pet really costs us? Well, yes, they have. The people over at Visual Economics have pieced together some average costs based on the […] Read more »

What It Takes to Be a Veterinarian

With all the talk here about our pets and how to make the most of our time with them, it’s easy to forget about the people who actually provide the most skilled care they’ll ever receive: the veterinarians. The work and dedication required to make it as a veterinarian is considerable – probably more than […] Read more »

Greener Grass May Make for a Sick Dog

Those of us with lawns usually want them to look the best they can. Deep green with no weeds in sight is a pristine yard. But the methods we use to achieve such a spectacular lawn could be responsible for making our pets sick. When we use herbicides to kill off weeds, and chemical fertilizers […] Read more »

Sunscreen Isn’t Just for People

Outdoor pets may have a lot more freedom to roam than their indoor cousins, but living in the great outdoors has its risks, too. We probably didn’t need the scientific studies to tell us this, but they show that pets’ skin can be harmed by too much sun, just like ours can. The bad news […] Read more »

Book Lover’s Day

Friday is Book Lover’s Day! So pick up a book and exercise those brain muscles! There are plenty of good books about pets. It’s a very popular genre, and not just for children – everybody loves a good dog or cat story! Fiction about those lovable animals we choose to call our pets is nearly […] Read more »

Keeping the Fur from Flying

No, we’re not talking about fighting this time, but rather shedding. It happens to all healthy dogs and cats to varying degrees. Some pet owners can get away with letting nature deal with all the discarded fur, but most will have to take steps to insure that their pets maintain clean, healthy coats. Keeping the […] Read more »

Teaching Your Dog the Importance of Proper Leash Behavior

Yesterday, we touched on the necessity of pairing up your dog with the right collar/leash. A good harness or leash can make your job as a responsible pet walker easier. But so too can a well-trained dog. Understandably, however, teaching your dog how to properly behave on a leash is much more time intensive than […] Read more »

Leash Choice and Etiquette for Your Dog

If you own a willful and/or large breed dog, then you probably know how it feels to be pulled and dragged around by the leash – the leash that’s supposed to be controlling your dog, not vice versa. It can be a difficult proposition to control dogs like this while out on walks, but there […] Read more »