Angel Sponsors:  M. Tindall, A. McDonnell Sponsor: N. Gregersen January 2012 Ginger, along with her mother Sweetie, is our newest arrivals….  Their previous owner could no longer care for them – she had Alzheimer’s disease and was placed in a nursing home.  In fact, for the past few years, Ginger and Sweetie didn’t receive the care […] Read more »

Crime and Punishment in the Pet World

Fido isn’t always as well behaved as he should be. Maybe he chews up your couch or greets guests with a nice, big bear hug when they come in the door. But whatever the case, if we don’t want the bad behavior to continue, we have to take steps to teach our dogs the difference […] Read more »

Spotlight on Cheyenne and LaKota

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’re probably an animal lover and you have or have had in the past a dog or cat as part of your house. Dogs and cats are just fine and make wonderful contributions to lives of all they touch, but they can sometimes steal the spotlight around here. […] Read more »

The Pet Beauty Process

With all this talk of pet dental health recently, you might be wondering if you have the time for all of this extra work. If you’re leaning towards “probably not,” then you may be interested to know that pet groomers will usually offer a pet tooth brushing service for a reasonable fees. And that’s not […] Read more »

More Dental Health for Pets…

The two most common reasons that people will use to avoid giving regular dental care to their pets are: The time investment. The cost. It’s a hassle – that’s how most see it. And they don’t want to wrestle with their pet while trying to brush nasty smelling teeth. It will take some determination on […] Read more »

Dental Health Is Important for Pets, Too

With so many problems in our modern lives waiting for attention, it’s sometimes tempting to skip dealing with the little ones like maintaining good dental hygiene. Trips to the dentist and regular, conscientious tooth care are important factors in keeping our health in balance, but how often do we put them off or elect for […] Read more »

Honoring Our Volunteers

In the States, this whole week is National Volunteer Week, a time to think about giving of yourself to the less fortunate. Your time, funding, expertise, encouragement, etc. can all make a difference. It’s not a time dedicated to any one particular volunteer organization or cause, but an effort to honor the generous people who […] Read more »

Monday is Earth Day!

On this day in 1970, planet Earth became the focus of thousands of environmentally conscious activists who wanted to make a difference in an increasingly industrialized world. April 22 became Earth Day, a day to spread the word about environmental protection – a way to help prevent many of the man-made disasters occurring in the […] Read more »

Baby Sitting Has Crossed the Species Barrier

When you’re going on vacation and you’ve got no friends willing to take on the responsibilities of caring for your pets, what can you do? Why, call a pet sitter, of course. For a fee, they come to your home and care for your pets while you’re away. Pet sitting has been a booming business […] Read more »

Mills Are for Wood, Not Puppies

This is a topic that is often disturbing to anyone who cares for animals, but it needs to be discussed so we can spread the word against “puppy mills.” If you’ve never heard of this term before, then prepare to be surprised and/or disgusted. Puppies are in such demand that they are being bred in […] Read more »