Your Pet and your Personality

Many people self-categorize as “dog people” or “cat people,” which seems to say something about their personalities, though it isn’t always quantified quite what. It tends to be taken for granted that dog people are most extroverted, people-pleasing, and friendly while cat people are more introverted and curious. This gets complicated, though, as dog owners […] Read more »

Pets on Social Media

I’m sure many of our followers who have any type of social media account, especially Facebook, have noticed a furry friend inhabiting their friend list. In 2012 Facebook claimed to have 1 billion members, however only 889.3 million of those members were those with only two legs (humans) (Picchi, 2013.) In the United Kingdom roughly […] Read more »

Tips for Boarding Your Dog

Looking for an appropriate boarding facility for your dog is similar to looking for a good veterinarian. If at all possible, you want to do the work before you actually need to. Boarding facilities are all different. There are in-home options, active open playground type kennels and enclosed ones that only allow your pet out […] Read more »

Worms in Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats frequently are hosts to internal parasites referred to broadly as worms. Hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms, and whipworms are among the most common types of worms. Tapeworms and roundworms are the only types visible to the naked eye. In general, worms can cause any combination of the following symptoms: weight loss dry hair diarrhea […] Read more »

A Healthy Canine Diet

A balanced diet is essential for both humans and animals. Balanced diets allow a dog energy and grow healthily. Here are some nutrients that are essential in a dog’s diet: Protein- High protein diets are recommended for puppies and working dogs. Water- 60 to 70 percent of an adult dogs body is made out of […] Read more »

Dog Dental Care

The idea of regular dental care for your dog might not be one that’s occurred to you. Nevertheless, dogs face the same risks for dental issues as humans do: over time plaque builds up, which leads to gum inflammation and tooth decay. Periodontal disease occurs five time as often in pets as it does in […] Read more »

Not So Great Remedies

Natural remedies and items are usually great, but there are some natural “remedies” for dogs that may not be as beneficial as one might think. Here are several of them: Garlic- The use of garlic may actually increase the risk of hemolytic anemia, or the obliteration of red blood cells. Aloe vera- This extract from […] Read more »

Bonded Pair

Reputable shelters often get “bonded” pets – meaning two pets that are emotionally very tied to each other and have a very good, close relationship. When shelters see this, they will often refuse to adopt them out separately. Adopting out a bonded pair together often raises their chances of successfully becoming happy members of their […] Read more »

Dogs and Kids

Having a dog at home can have numerous benefits for your children: a dog is a built-in playmate, confidante and friend. Studies have proven that the company of a dog relieves stress and provides comfort to people of all ages. From the dog’s perspective, however, a small child who doesn’t know any better can be a source of discomfort, […] Read more »

Groomer and Kennel Operator

Last week we did a post about the various jobs you could hold should you want to work with dogs. We promised we would go into more depth about some of the jobs so today we’re going to share a bit more about being a dog groomer and dog boarding operator. Dog Groomer Requirements and […] Read more »