Happy Pets on Halloween

Happy Halloween! While you’re preparing for your holiday party, don’t forget about your pets and their needs and safety tonight. Here are some tips to keep them happy on this holiday: 1) Chocolate and candy are not for your dog. Not tonight, not ever. 2) Keep your pets away from the door. This can be […] Read more »

History of Animal Shelters and Adoption

Homeless animals have not always been protected in the United States. Like most societal institutions, animal adoption and shelters have a history. Here are some highlights: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded in 1866. It was the first animal welfare organization in the U.S. and focused initially on mistreatment of […] Read more »

Colder Weather and Older Dogs

As your dog gets older, you may notice a little bit of a slowing in their steps and a little graying in their muzzle. There are other changes that happen as well, and one of them is their lower tolerance of climate change. Before the cold season hits, try to take your dog to the […] Read more »

Winter Exercise

Chilly weather or no, your pet should be getting regular exercise. Here are some tips for keeping your pet active if they (or you!) dislike the cold: 1. The more aerobic the activity, the warmer your dog will get. So, try to entice him with off-leash romps, chasing after a frisbee or playing with other […] Read more »

Bathing your dog

Everyone with a dog has probably had the experience of needing to give him/her a bath. Here are a few tips for safely bathing your dog: In regards to soap choice, a mild hypoallergenic soap formulated for veterinary use is your best bet. “Veterinary use” means that the soap is formulated to work with a […] Read more »

Digging Dogs

There are a number of reasons your dog might be digging. It could be too hot outside, he might need attention, he might be a from a traditionally digging breed, he might want to see what’s behind that fence separating him from your neighbor and he might be emulating your behavior if he’s seen you […] Read more »

Feline Aggression

Problems with feline aggression can be a major concern for cat owners. There are several types of feline aggression that are not necessarily mutually exclusive. If your cat is displaying aggression towards humans or aggression towards other cats, keep in mind he following: The earlier the better when it comes to intervention for aggressive behavior, […] Read more »

Famous Black Cats

There’s been this really fun quiz floating around the Internet and since Halloween is so dangerously close, let’s celebrate with a post on 7 famous black cats, as taken from the quiz: Snowball II from The Simpsons Felix the Cat Socks, President and Hillary Clinton’s pet Salem from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Sylvester J. Pussycat, […] Read more »

Ear Care for Dogs

There are plenty of different types of dog ears. Blunt tipped ears, and front facing, drooped down, folded ears, filbert ears, cocked ears, button ears, and as dogs breed with different breeds, the distinction between the types of ears that come on different dogs is becoming slightly blurry. The thing that is still very clear, […] Read more »

Jumping Dogs

Why does your dog like to jump up to greet you and your guests? Because dogs like to greet each other nose to nose, and they want to do the same to you! However, this behavior can be destructive and a little intimidating, so you may want to train to your dog to inhibit their […] Read more »