Careful with the Chemicals

You know how the directions on lawn fertilizers will usually tell you not to walk on your lawn for a while after an application? Among other reasons, this recommendation is there to minimize the chances of you tracking chemicals into your house where other people live, breathe, and eat. Following the precautions on the back […] Read more »

Cloe and Radar

Today, we’d like to turn the spotlight onto Cloe and Radar, two of our most noteworthy (at least in their own minds) guests. You’ve heard of the nursery rhyme “Three Blind Mice?” Well Cloe and Radar are two blind cats. They’re working on a theme song of their own, but they’re thinking they need one […] Read more »

Dr. Seuss’s 109th Birthday on Saturday

A lot of us probably remember growing up with the stories of Dr. Seuss. The Cat in the Hat, The Lorax, Green Eggs and Ham. These were, and still are, classics in children’s literature. He passed away back in ’91, but his good humor and worthwhile life lessons for young and old alike will be […] Read more »

Pets on the Go!

Ever needed to take an animal to the vet? We bet you have. Ever tried to take an animal to the vet without some kind of pet carrier? We hope not, because whenever we’ve tried it, it’s been a rolling disaster. God forbid you have an animal larger than a cat or dog who needs […] Read more »

Learning from Storybooks

Continuing on from our discussion of the positive benefits that a relationship between child and pet can bring, we would like to bring your attention to another helpful resource: literature. Or more to the point, children’s storybooks about the importance of helping disadvantaged animals. Maybe you can remember when you were a child and someone […] Read more »

Little Hands and Paws

Children and pets are very often a good mix, bringing value to both human and animal. There are many studies that show a positive benefit to the developmental progress of children if they are allowed to grow and learn in the presence of pets. Learning thoughtfulness, care, and how to be gentle (i.e., “playing nice”) […] Read more »

Keep the Love Flowing

Valentine’s Day is behind us for another year, but the sentiment behind the holiday is a valuable one and should be kept at heart year-round. Love is the theme, and not just romantic love, but all kinds of love! How much happiness, love, and enjoyment have the people in your life given you freely over […] Read more »

More on Meds and Money

Part two in our series on saving $$ on pet prescriptions. Can you buy your pet medications online? Yes. We recommend that you do your research, and purchase only from reputable online pharmacies. How will you know it is reputable? Usually, you will have heard of it before. You will be able to contact the […] Read more »