Homemade Weed Killer

In keeping with the time of year, and the earlier discussion of pesky weeds, we’d like to mention a few options for making your own weed killer. Not only do you get a simple solution for getting rid of those weeds that is pet safe and better for the environment than a lot of chemical […] Read more »

Weeds, Allergies, and Pets

According to whatever government official or committee decides these things, today is recognized as weed appreciation day. Yes, I suppose that weeds need their lovin’, too. No one left behind and all that. Just exactly what gets classified as a weed and what gets called a plant or a flower, we’ve never really been able […] Read more »

Spotlight on Travis

Travis, or Scout Master as we like to call him, came to us in 2003. He’s probably a Dingo-Pit Bill mix, and he’s still quite active around the property. In fact, he’s taken it upon himself to act as the de facto chaperone and guide on the ranch. Milo and Hendrix look to Travis for […] Read more »

Keeping a Clean House and a Happy Pet

So, which is easier to potty train, Fido or little Johnny? Probably Fido, since all he has to learn is that the house is off limits, while little Johnny’s goal is to be much more precise. At least, that’s the theory. But even though the pets have things so much easier, it’s still amazing how […] Read more »

Pet Insurance

People always feel safer when they’re covered by some sort of personal insurance plan. Medical bills never seem to materialize when you can cope with them and they just keep getting bigger and bigger. But did you know that you can buy health insurance for your pets for as little as $10 per month? It […] Read more »

Cleaning Up After Your Pet

Feuds between neighbors can start over the most unremarkable events. A little loud music, a bit of mauve paint on the trim of a house, or a dog (or other pet) who does his business outside of his own yard. This last one can be a particular sticking point with prickly neighbors. Getting yourself in […] Read more »

Dog Training: Is It for You?

We’ve all had it happen. You go over to a friend’s house for dinner carrying a loaf of fruitcake and a bottle of cheap, twelve-dollar wine. You’re greeted at the door by your friend, his/her spouse, their smiling, well behaved kids… and a 90-pound Golden Retriever crashing into you like a cannon ball. Wine and […] Read more »

Spring Is Finally Here!

It’s time for more than cleaning, although you might want to give that closet a once-over just to make room for that new pair of water skis. Then all you’ll need is the boat to pull ‘em, but one thing at a time! Well, we can dream can’t we? But seriously, Spring and the traditional […] Read more »

Starter Pets from Under the Sea

If you’re looking for something to gauge a young one’s dedication and responsibility  when it comes to taking care of pets, why not try an aquarium? It’s a good way build up to the level of attention that bigger animals like cats and dogs need. The feeding, cleaning, and balancing of the aquariums inhabitants and […] Read more »

Pet Photography

How many of you have ever tried to take a photo of your pet only to have them jump out of frame or turn away at the last second? All we can say is that we’re glad that most cameras are digital now so we don’t have to worry about the cost of film any […] Read more »